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I didn't actually set out to have three concurrent careers, but somehow I find myself actively working as a photographer, drummer and producer.

I took up photography seriously at the age of 15 when my father gave me his old Minolta SRT-101 camera. I enrolled in a high school photography course and pretty much fell off the cliff. Photography has been my  constant companion ever since.

I continued shooting throughout the years that I was making my living as a touring rock 'n roll drummer and on into my subsequent career producing large-scale events for corporations and non-profits.

These days, all three of those careers are very active. Producing events is my big-boy job, but I squeeze in fifty gigs a year on drums in my spare time and I continue to ramp up my third life as a working photographer. This sets me up for some productive overlap, like shooting the events my company produces, shooting at gigs that I'm playing in dodgy nightclubs, and that sort of thing.

You can read more about this career troika of mine in The New York TimesBoston MagazineVineyard Style Magazine, Martha's Vineyard Arts & Ideas, and Conversations with Artists. My photos are currently  featured at Vineyard Arts Gallery, and previously in a one-man show at Playhouse Art Space, both on Martha's Vineyard. I was the official shooter for the Martha's Vineyard Concert Series in 2018 and 2019, Beach Road Weekend in 2019,  and I had a cover photo for Martha's Vineyard Magazine. And as the official in-house photographer at Ray Bloch Productions, I get photographer access to many celebrities (I would never name-drop, but their initials are Jamie Foxx, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Jimmy Buffett, Anna Wintour, Trevor Noah, and others).

It'd be nice to hear from you and I welcome all questions, comments or complaints. jeremydriesen@raybloch.com or 914-844-0267

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